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Urban AG Corp

PINX:AQUM - May. 28th 11:41am

$ 0.000001 0.00 (0.00%)

Shares of Urban AG Corp – a $1,015 market cap Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution company – have fallen 0.00 percent to $0.000001 as of 8:32 PM. With the current share price, Urban AG Corp has a P/E Ratio of 0.00.

Urban Ag. Corp (Urban Ag) is a holding company that has as its one operating subsidiary, CCS Environmental World Wide, Inc. (CCS Worldwide). CCS Worldwide is a hazardous material abatement and environmental remediation company. It provides hazardous material abatement and environment remediation services through its four wholly owned subsidiaries: Commonwealth Contracting Services LLC; CCS Special Projects LLC; CCS Environmental, Inc., and CCS Environmental Services, Inc. The Company also owns 100% of Greenwire Enterprises, Inc. (GreenWire), which is engaged in the business of infrastructure deployment, integration and maintenance for telecommunications systems providers. Green Wire also owns 100% of Terra Asset Management, Inc. and B & R Telephone LLC. and 49% of Green Wire, Inc, these companies are also engaged in providing a variety of services to the telecommunications industry.

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Urban AG Corp Price-to-Earnings

Urban AG Corp (PINX:AQUM) has a PE Ratio of 0, which is above the industry average of -318672.52.

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Urban AG Corp