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Albert B Ratner

Active: Co-Chairman Emeritus - Last Updated: 05/24/2015 3:02pm

Forest City Enterprises Inc

Albert B Ratner is an executive for:

Mr. Ratner, 83, has been a Forest City director since 1960. He has been the Co-Chairman of our Board of Directors since June 1995. He previously served as Chief Executive Officer from 1975 to June 1995, Vice Chairman from June 1993 to June 1995, and President prior to June 1993. Mr. Ratner is also an officer and/or director of various subsidiaries. Mr. Ratner is active with numerous community, charitable and business organizations. Albert B. Ratner (age 83) currently Co-Chairmen of the Board, will not stand for re-election to the Board and will step down as members and Co-Chairmen of the Board. The Board will appoint Albert B. Ratner to serve as Co-Chairmen Emeritus and he will remain active with the Company.

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